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There has been a lot of talk about hate speech lately. About how our communication influences other people. I will add my five cents to it. Let’s go deeper into the water, my friends.

Our reality mirrors us, prolongs us; it’s not separate and independent of us, although that’s how Newtonian physics used to see it. Quantum physics shows us that we are all connected. An electron in a far away galaxy knows what another electron in your body is doing and reacts to it. Immediately. We can’t talk anymore of a world separate from us and divide people into “we” and “them”. We are all one and we all create what is. We have common consciousness.

Hate talk is ofter subtle, almost invisible. For example it takes a popular in my home country (Poland) criticism. Or going farther – an unasked for advice or gossiping.

Let’s start with criticism. We criticize privately and publicly. If someone sees, feels, does something differently from us, we ofter react with criticism. We place our point of view higher, and we call people who don’t share it stupid. We do it in media, online, on a street. Many car drivers monologue about other drivers’ style and speed. “A moron, an idiot, a trash behind a wheel – who gave them a license?” It us who who how to drive; those going slower are idiots, those going faster are maniacs.

We offer an unasked for advice about how to drive: “You moron! Don’t see the no-left-turn sign?” Of course it’s not just drivers doing it. Once during winter I was stopped by an unknown old woman who accusingly pointed a finger at my child and yelled: “And where is the kid’s scarf?” We seem to think that others are just waiting for our advice. They aren’t.

We talk with others behind people’s backs, it makes us more right. On Facebook for instance. We make sure that we are not the only ones seeing others as idiots. We get likes for it – great, we must be right. Being right is important.

Every so often I catch myself making exhausting me negative comments about passersby. I monologue silently about their clothes, weight, cleanliness, face expressions. Luckily long ago I’ve let go of offering an unasked for advice, but I still share my negative street observations with friends.

You know what you and me are doing when we criticize, advice and gossip? We save our weak ego. It feeds on being right, being better, smarter, thiner, better dressed. Our ego then feels ok. The price we pay for it though is the bad energy we circulate in our world. And this energy will come back and bite our butts.

They are us. We are them. The world in not composed of separate building blocks; we are one, we exist on a continuum. Whether we like it or not. Quantum physics suspects it and Eastern religions know it.

Let’s start today with a simple thing. Let’s try to drive or walk to work without a single critical thought. Without knowing better. Without advising. Without gossiping. With understanding that all that is has its genesis and its reason. Its right to be. It is because we have created it so.

Image then how your good, positive or neutral thoughts about other people feed the world with healing energy. See how giving up criticism you are stopping the dark, unhealthy force. See goodness in every being. Everyone. Beauty. In everyone. As a reward you will easier see it in yourself.

Instead of advising, give someone a compliment. For example tell a cashier that she has nice earrings. Or while waiting for a green light open your car window, gesture to the other driver to do the same and yell: “You drive so well!” And send them a wide grin.